Best Things In Life

Things that make life just that little bit easier

Red wine

Oatly flat whites


Waking up before everyone else on Christmas day

The way my dogs smell like biscuits when they’re asleep

Claire Foy as the Queen

The Sri Lankan Sweet Potato Curry at Mildreds.

The high Pregabalin gives me

Homeslice’s mushroom pizza, no cheese

Watching TV with my boyfriend and our dogs

Harry Styles rocking a paisley suit

Serena Williams

Amazon prime

The High Low podcast


Matt Haig’s writing

Books with short chapters


Driving in the sun

When the cinema lights go down

Salty Popcorn

ITV’s Happy Valley

The smell of a new book

Putting Aromatherapy Associates oil in my bath

Having my hair washed for me

Bath’s cobbled streets

Homemade falafels

Getting blog comments

Having the gym to myself

Hearing the rain as I fall asleep

Fresh sheets

Being upgraded

Watching Corrie with my mum

Acme cups

My boyfriend’s curly hair

Free delivery