Weekend Catch Up

I haven’t done a post like this for agesssss, so here we are! Let’s talk. I’ve spent most of this week in London for auditions when I really just wanted to be home. I haven’t felt the best lately so being in vulnerable situations like auditions haven’t really sparked my mood. BUT it’s Christmas time and London was looking mighty fine and festive.

I managed to get a little bit of shopping done, my sister and I went to Anthropologie which just always makes me feel good and warm inside. We also chowed down a Homeslice aswell which I haven’t been to for over a year and it was a very merry reunion. So delicious.

What I’ve Been Buying

Christmas cards….for myself. I have a little problem, if I see a super cute one I have to buy it for my house. No ones yet noticed why there’s a bunch of blank cards dotted around my living room.

I ran out of cleanser about two weeks ago. Since then I’ve only been using Sukin’s Super Greens Exfoliator on my face which is nice but not really for everyday use. Sorry skin. I went to Neal’s Yard on Thursday and bought this Frankincense beauty. It’s seriously conditioning and great at removing daily grime. Hello new skin.

What I’ve Been Watching

Sinner. My sister got me into this and I’m obsessed. I just can’t seem to wander away from the TV. I watch it until the early hours, I need to finish it. Are you watching it? Do you love it as much as me? I get slightly spooked watching it by myself but it’s so gripping I can’t wait for someone to watch it with me.

What I’ve Been Reading

Autumn by Ali Smith. This book is probably not for everyone…I found it very funny and unique. I wrote a more in depth review of it in this post.

Other books I’ve loved have been Hot Milk and A Little Life. One book I haven’t been much of a fan of has been The Dry.

Where I’ve Drunk/Eaten

Soho/Covent Garden Grind are my favourite places at the moment for coffee. I love the neon lights and the whole vibe of their cafes. Very relaxed and fun.

Homeslice is just the best place to share an amazingly huge vegan pizza. I’m in love.

What I’ve Got My Peepers On