22 Fabulous Finds

Every now and again I like to do a list post of all the things I’ve been enjoying in life. I love knowing what people are interested in, what’s making them buzz. Can you believe it’s a month til Christmas? The run up to Christmas is one of my favourite feelings/things in life.


Nakd’s Lemon Drizzle Bars. When Nakd bars first came into shops I ate my way through about 200 of them. I was so sick of them, I couldn’t go near them until I read someone say how good their Limited Edition Lemon Drizzle bars are. They are SO good, the best of the lot in my opinion. My local Morrisons stocks them and I can’t keep my little fingers off them. How long until I’m sick of this flavour….

Blue Planet II. An hour of mesmerising views on a Sunday evening. What’s better than that?!

Anthropolgie’s Christmas Decorations. Anthropologie always do the most beautifully festive decorations. They’re pricey but so worth it. I’ve got my peepers on their Swan Tree Ornament and Holiday Spirit Mug.

Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton’s article for Red Magazine ‘Is It Ever Okay To Be A Flake?’. This spoke to me because admittedly I am flake. I’m better than I was when I was a late teen but still nowhere close to being the perfect pal.

Stylist’s Little Pleasures Podcast. I am such a nosey person, I love knowing what people use, think, watch etc. This podcast is perfect for me and my fellow nosey pals. They have chef Anna Jones as their second guest. I love her cookbooks they’re so special.

Murder On The Orient Express Hardback Edition. I had to buy this copy because I’m obsessed with the cover. It’s so cosy and beautiful. Just purrrrfect for my coffee table.

Winter dressing. I feel like my body was made to wear chunky knits, bobble hats and thermal leggings. I want to dress no other way. I’m so happy I can get the knits out of the dark and put the thin tops and skirts back in. I’m on the hunt for the perfect white cable knit jumper.

Nigella At My Table. For me, sitting on the sofa with dogs, wine and copious blankets is the greatest thing in the world. Add a Nigella program to the list and it’s heaven. Nigella rarely makes anything vegan but I still enjoy watching it as much as anyone else. Her kitchen, the way she looks and cooks is enough to keep me hooked.

Jordan Bone. I discovered Jordan Bone through Instagram. Her makeup is amazing, she always looks extremely put together and perfect. I started watching her videos with my mum and we both fell in love with her positivity ( and face). I can’t wait to read her book ‘My Beautiful Struggle’ over the Christmas break.

Lemon Water. Adding lemon to water is the only way I’ll drink as much as I should a day. I feel so much better when I drink more water, it’s a mental thing. I feel pretty smug.

Dyson V7 Animal. I love hoovering, I find it so therapeutic. Strange I know but it’s true. This Dyson has changed my life, no more lugging old Henry up the stairs. This is super snazzy to look at, very powerful and can be changed into a hand held device too which is perfect for cleaning my car. I’m getting carried away just thinking about it.

Oatly Coffee. I’m obsessed with adding Oatly milk to my coffee. It’s cheaper than Rude Health so it’s saving me money and tastes delicious. The taste isn’t too much, I quickly became sick of Rude Health’s Hazlenut milk. It became too sickly. Oatly contains B12 which I always need more of being vegan.

Sukin Exfoliator. This beautiful exfoliator has really helped my skin during the colder darker days. It’s completely natural which I love, not too abrasive and a little goes a long way. I am really impressed. There’s nothing amazing about it, the packaging isn’t beautiful, it doesn’t smell of anything delicious but it exfoliates as it should and is under £10. Perfect.

My dogs in their Christmas jumpers. Too cute.

Hot Milk. After hearing some pretty bad reviews about this book I still wanted to find out whether it was enjoyable for myself. I’m so glad I did, I devoured this book in two days. I understand why some hated it, not a huge amount happens but the writing kept me interested and the story really drew me in.

New York Food Maps. I picked up this very cute Pizza Map of New York in Papersmiths a couple of weeks ago and I think it makes a really fun stocking filler. They also do doughnut and burger maps to name a few.

Meri Meri / Rifle Paper Co. Xmas cards. I’m fanatic about both of these brands. I just adore their illustrations and design. This 3D Meri Meri Dachshund Christmas card I bought for my Granny because it’s the cutest and she adores dachshunds. Rifle Paper co. never ever disappoints. I have a serious thing for their cards.

Less Than A Month Til Xmas. So. E.x.c.i.t.e.d

Almond Milk Baileys. I no longer have to look at my mum scoffing back Baileys with green eyes, I’ve got my own vegan version!

Uma Thurman’s comments on Harvey Weinstein. Absolute hero, plus this is kind of proof that she’s actually Beatrix Kiddo IRL.

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. Almond milk, Cacao, smidge of Cinnamon and Maple Syrup equals Xmas in a cup.

Christmas Murder Mysteries. I love snuggling down on the sofa with a murder mystery in general but when it’s a Christmas mystery it turns the cosiness up a notch. Not sure why I’m so in love with a good old festive thriller but hey I can’t be the only one with the amount of Christmas Crime books they’re bringing out this year. Here are a few of my top picks…Murder on Christmas Eve Short Stories & The Mistletoe Murder.