Current Favourites

Pull & Bear’s Red Cable Knitted Jumper. I’ve been wearing this jumper non stop. It’s so comfy and goes perfectly with a pair of jeans or leggings of which I wear 96% of the time. It’s a red/orange colour which isn’t something I normally choose but I lovvvve it. I think it’s sold out now on ASOS but may still be in Pull & Bear shops.

The Most Dangerous Place On Earth.

This book is set in a town on the outskirts of San Francisco. It follows the lives of 6 wealthy students and their teacher Molly Nicoll. Each student comes with their own baggage, they want to escape the imprisonment of school and their parents expectations. Miss Nicoll wants to connect and befriend her students but she has no idea of the unforgivable action they committed in the past.

I loved this book, the first chapter is pretty heart wrenching. It’s a high school drama with depth.

Method Cleaning. I’m becoming ever so slightly more conscious of what products I use whether it’s on my face or to clean to the loo. I’m always drawn to Method at the supermarket mainly, let’s be honest, to its nice packaging but also the fact it’s cruelty free.

I’m in love with their Shower Cleaner it makes it so much easier to clean the shower, you just spray and leave! Also it makes your bathroom smell like a tropical rainforest.

Haim on the cover of Notion magazine. I’ve talked about this before here but come on how pretty in pink is this magazine cover!?

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Clay Mask. Due to it being winter time, my skin is becoming a little drier and in need of some moisture. A little goes a long way with this mask, you only need a thin layer. It feels so so good when I take this off with some hot water and a muslin cloth.

It’s not the most life changing mask out there but it does keep my skin moisturised with an even complexion.