7 Good Things


This print above is made by the amazingly talent Emma Block. I bought this Hampstead Heath print because I used to have acting lessons there and I just loved walking around it. So so beautiful. I haven’t been back for years but I really need to. I would love to do a blog post on it.

I’m producing a short film next month which I’m really excited for, even though it’s putting me into debt… It’s exhausting, terrifying but extremely exciting and I can’t wait to film it next month.

Louis Theroux is back taking over my Sunday evenings. I’m living for his new series Dark States. Whyyyy do they only do 3 episodes at a time. The first episode was extremely harrowing. Bring on next Sunday!

Autumn feels everyone. Apparently Pret do a vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’ve never tried one in my life but now I may have to see what all the fuss is about. Personally it sounds pretty gross.

Harvey Weinstein being sacked is wonderful news. Now for all the people who let it slide.

Jack Whitehall’s new Netflix series Travels With My Father is as hilarious as I expected it to be. Watching it makes me feel relaxed and happy.

Christmas is officially on its merry way. I’m definitely one of those people who gets excited for Christmas as soon as August ends. I can’t wait. I’m cooking Christmas dinner this year for the first time ever. Sadly, I can’t do a completely vegan Christmas dinner as it would put my Grandpa into complete shock but I’m aiming for 70% vegan.

Haim on the cover of Notion Magazine. I’m OBSESSED with this pink cover! I need it in my palms.


Just realised these are 8 points not 7…I’m getting carried away with thoughts of Christmas.