Happy Birthday Blog.

I started this blog just over a year ago and boy has my photography changed. That’s the main thing I’ve taken away from looking back over my posts. I’m hoping it’s all uphill from here. Take a look at this beauty

I would love to blog more but I work full-time so there’s that… I don’t want to cram photography into the late evening when the lighting is terrible. I’ve got to walk my dogs in the morning so blogging is for my days off and those only (sadly). I hope one day I turn into someone who takes 5 posts worth of photos in one day and feels oh so smug but that’s just not me…yet.

I’ve come to realise that my favourite posts are lists. People love lists, I’m guessing that’s why Buzzfeed is so successful. I’m going to do a lil list of all the things I’ve loved and realised throughout my first year of blogging.

People Are Nice!

My overall experience of blogging has been comforted by the amount of nice people in this community. I haven’t come across any nasty people on other people’s blogs or mine. How nice hey. I suppose it changes when you become blogging famous but mostly what I see is kindness and support. When things are ugly on the outside, there’s this lovely community where people have your back and that’s really comforting.

  Thinking You’re Original

I thought ‘Sunday Catch Up’ was entirely my idea and that I was clever and fun for creating it but…nope. Looking through another (more popular) blogger’s blog and seeing she’s been doing it for a year longer. Yeah…I didn’t copy you I promise!

Because the blogging world is so saturated it can be hard to stand out but just by being yourself is the easiest way. It’s so easy to copy ideas, flat lays, blog titles but you’re not going to stand out. I’ve copied ideas and I don’t feel too great about it…

You Don’t Have To Be Amazing

Writing really isn’t my strong point, I would love to be an exceptionally fluid writer but nope. I suppose with every post I become better and more knowledgable about how to structure and write a post but the talent for writing isn’t there and that’s ok.

I much prefer taking photos anyway…It isn’t about being an amazing writer, blogging is about how people relate to what you’re saying and connect with you. If people connect to you then you’ve hit bulls eye. If you enjoy writing out what’s in your head then that’s all that matters.

Whether your strong points lie with outfit shots, hilarious list posts or travel info then make that your thing.


Invest, invest, invest. Invest your time, take the time to set a morning aside for your blog. Don’t cram it in because you think you have to get something up asap. If you start rushing and putting pressure on yourself then you will begin to begrudge blogging.

Invest in a decent camera. I agree that blogging is free and you don’t need to spend a penny to do so but good clear photography really helps to make your blog your own.

Why take the time to create a beautiful flat lay if the photo isn’t going to do it justice. There are cameras and lenses that I would love to be able to afford but I can’t. I’ve got one that I can count on for the time being that makes me feel pretty proud about my photography. Try and save up (if you can) for a decent lense, it will make the world of difference to how you feel about your blog.

 Keeping Up

I would love to do posts on amazing holidays, new makeup launches and incredible Net A Porter outfits yet I can only do what my bank balance will allow. It’s hard to keep up with the elite bloggers, who have no issue going abroad or buying £200 worth of new makeup. Good for them they’ve worked really hard for it and they deserve it.

It’s hard to keep my slightly negative competitive mindset at bay sometimes. How am I supposed to get to their standard when I can’t even afford a holiday to Cornwall… :/

Just do what you can, not everybody wants to see a sugar coated life. Just be real. I much prefer reading about people’s truths than the showreel highlights. Boringggg.