Highs & Lows


Apparently Wagamamas is bringing out a vegan menu!? Happy days.

I’ve loved watching Gaga’s Five Foot Two doc on Netflix. I’m not hugely into her music but I love her as a person.

Honestly TV is having a moment right now. Liar, Doctor Foster, A Child In Time, Master Chef… can you tell I don’t get out much?

The crunchy leaves of Autumn, this time of year makes me so happy. I read this article on Autumn being up for sale and I thought it was interesting.

IT. I’m desperate to go to the cinema to see it. I can’t wait.

Vegan Ben and Jerry’s f.i.n.a.l.l.y hitting the shops.



I’ve finally moved house with my boyfriend. How long until I become incredibly nagging and make him regret moving in with me? Not long!

Since moving I’ve found alot of simple things that cost the earth & I have no clue why!? Kitchen bins, ironing boards, bedside tables, mop and bucket (?!!!!) Seriously what?

My lack of blog posts. I’ve found it difficult to move house whilst trying to take photos in the evening, especially now it’s getting so much darker. It will all be back to normal in a week (hopefully).

I packed all my dog’s toys and I can’t find them…she doesn’t understand why they’re not around. :(((