La Nostra Ciutat

Homeware Porn

I stumbled into this amazing ‘concept store’ a few weeks ago when I was in Spain. The stationary and print geek in me became very excited. You don’t know where to look first. There is SO much in this shop.

Everything is made by Barcelona locals and I just can’t get enough. I love it. Not all of it is my cup of tea but I took home enough prints and signs to fill a good wall up in my house. Plus how cute is the cactus corner?!

The staff are really friendly, they played the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and just let me wander around without any questions.

This design shop is very close to the Jaume1 metro stop in the Gothic area of Barcelona. It’s slightly hidden so google maps is a must… If you’re looking to buy a present for someone that is truly unique or are wanting to fill your house with bits noone else with have then you will find it here!

Some of my fave brands that they sell are The Wandering Orion and Tropical Apache for cool prints and wall hangings.

The have the cutest selection of postcards by the desk…If you say you’re getting a plane home they will package your prints so that they won’t bend during your travels. What a bunch of babes.

Other great lifestyle stores in Barcelona are OMGBCN and Jaime Beriestain.