The Best Of…

The best of the best

Coffee. Soho Grind is my fave go to place for coffee at the moment. They do the most delicious Almond Flat White. Everytime I leave I have to stop myself spending hundreds on neon signs. I really want to check out their Clerkenwell Grind too…purely for the pink chairs.

Beauty. I tried Liz Earle’s Gentle Exfoliator the other day and I love it. It’s perfectly gentle but you can still feel it working at the same time. Hello renewed skin. I don’t own an exfoliator except for my Frank scrub which I occasionally use on my face but shouldn’t because it is way too abrasive.

Books. I’m reading The Transition at the moment by Luke Kennard and it’s really funny. I’ve read 4 super dark books in a row and needed something light and cheery and this was it! So far it’s been funny, weird and engaging. I don’t want to put it down.

A couple who get into serious debt instead of going to prison have to engage in a 6 month ‘transition course’. Everything seems exciting at first but then…I haven’t read very far but I can tell it ain’t gunna be good.

Food. Is there anything better than sautéed potatoes? I’ve been eating them like there’s no tomorrow. Sorry not sorry.

Homeware. I’m loving Atlantic Shopping at the moment for kitchen stools. These are my fave.

Brunch. Hammock Juice Station in Barcelona is the coolest little space for brunch. You get to swing on hammocks as you munch. I highly recommend taking a little trek to get here (the nearest metro strop is Verdaguer). The service is really friendly and their peanut smoothie is to die for!

TV Show. I only recently caught onto the craze of Doctor Foster and I’m seriously hooked. Thankyou Netflix. I finished the first series just in time for the second. Plus I’m really liking the Strike series too on BBC1.

Twitter. Chrissy Teigen talking about Naked Attraction on her Twitter was so hilarious. It made my night.