Summer Hits

 Summer lovin’

Throughout this summer I’ve come across some things I’ve really loved and have thoroughly enjoyed. I didn’t get to go away this summer because I’ve been saving up for my house. But aside from that I’ve found loads of good things to share with you…

Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish.

I used this religiously about 3 years ago. I think I traded it in for the Oskia Renaissance Cleanser and stuck to that for a year. I recently bought the Sunday Riley Ceramic Clay cleanser which aggravated my nose area. I was surprised at this because it had been hyped up so much but oh well.

I wanted something to calm my skin down that was pretty natural. I normally opt for Neal’s Yard but saw the Cleanse and Polish in Boots and thought why not. I can’t believe it’s only £14.50. I thought it was around the £20 mark. It’s so gentle, smells delicious and takes makeup off like a dream.

The Snowman.

I saw the trailer for the new movie adaption of this Jo Nesbo novel and immediately needed to read it. I was hoooooked for days reading this book. I was 100% sure I got the killer right until the end when I didn’t…Not going to lie the ending was disappointing. I expected a lot more but whatever. *SPOILER* If anyone else thought the killer was the mould man, I love you.


This movie is free to watch if you have Amazon Prime. I loved this film. It really wasn’t anything close to what I was expecting which was a nice surprise. If you like movies about aliens then give this a watch.


I’ve mentioned this website before but it needs mentioning again. This has all the home décor you could possibly want in one website! The book and stationery section is especially fun. I bought a print from Rifle Paper Co. that was packaged perfectly and sent v v quickly. Great service. Plus you can make a wish list so you can always come back to the items you were eyeing up.

Lost In Translation.

I lovvvvve this film, definitely one of my top 5. I saw it when I was about 12 and really didn’t get it. Watching it back I really appreciate the storyline and the beauty of the film. I want to go to Japan so badly. I can’t believe Scarlett Johansson was only 17 when she filmed it!


Lush’s Sleepy body lotion is fabuuulous. The smell of this is so dreamy, I can’t stop opening it to sniff. I bought one for my mum because she was having trouble sleeping and decided to get one for myself to. I don’t use this to aid my sleep, I just bought it because it smelt heavenly. If it helps me catch some extra zzz’s then so be it.

Tesco’s homeware.

Ummmmm hello Tesco. When did you start becoming amazing at homeware? I’ve bought an array of their amazing patterned bowls. Very Anthropolgie but with Tesco prices. I also bought a copper cafetiere and a cosy yellow striped blanket. Such great value.


What have you been loving over the summer??