Summer Chickpea Burgers

Who doesn’t love a burger?

I was craving burgers yesterday and decided to google some vegan recipes. I found one from Jamie Oliver that I liked the look of so I used a bit of his recipe with some of my own elements. These are so so easy and quick to make!

You will need:

A tin of chickpeas

A large tin of sweetcorn

A bunch of fresh coriander

A teaspoon of Chilli Flakes

Half a teaspoon of Cumin

Half a teaspoon Paprika

Zest of one lemon

Olive Oil

5 Tablespoons of white flour

Salt & Pepper



Baby gem



Drain the chickpeas and sweetcorn and whizz together in a food mixer. Add half of the coriander to the mix, along with the spices, zest, salt and pepper.

Add the flour and whizz. Make sure there’s still some texture you don’t want it super smooth.

Dust your work surface well with flour and place the mixture on top.

Make into patties. Depending on what size you like! I tend to go for smaller sized burgers.

You may need to add more flour as the mix can be quite wet.

Heat up a pan with a good amount of olive oil. Allow the burgers to cook for about 10 minutes. Turning them over after 5 mins.

Whilst they’re cooking, chop up your desired filling. I love tomatoes, avocado, ketchup and humous!

These go nicely with a side of salad or chips.