My Goals For The Rest Of The Year

Here’s to the next four months

The last post I did like this was back in May which you can read here. I’m not awful at achieving goals, I can normally get somewhere close to accomplishing most of them. I’ve decided to put less pressure on myself this year, there’s no point adding a pile of goals to your life if they’re just going to stress you out.

I make goals to help myself feel more in control of my life. There’s no ‘eat less carbs and go for a 10k run every morning’ on this girl’s to do list.

Give blood.

 Pay off my credit cards. Ok, this may take a little while longer than 4 months.

Get a pedicure. Never underestimate how much better you feel when your nails and toes look good.

Go to Berlin. I’ve mentioned this before but I need to see those Christmas markets in the flesh.

Find a personal trainer…wahhh.

Hoover my car…it’s a fucking tip.

Read Lolita. You may notice this was on my May Goals so…what’s the hold up Molly?

Buy a coffee machine!

Shop at Waitrose less. I’m seriously addicted to Waitrose. No other supermarket is as good for vegan food. Wait, why do I want to shop less? Oh yeh cos it costs a bomb.

Drink more greens. An easy way to get the goodness in.

Go to the cinema more. Everytime I leave the cinema after watching a great film I ask myself why I don’t go more often. Atomic Blonde anyone?

Go out and write. At home my imagination becomes pretty stagnant but when I’m away from my normal surroundings blog ideas seem to flow.

 Make sushi. Avocado Maki plsssss. How hard can it be?

What are your goals? I wanna know!