7 Good Things.

What’s good

Deliciously Ella’s Nutty Granola. I’m so basic, whenever Deliciously Ella brings out a product out I’m there at the top of the queue. I much prefer this one to her Original Granola which is too cinammoney for me. Very very tasty.

Lauren Britton’s blog Britton Loves. This blog is so good. Lauren is a vegan who has cruelty free makeup products DOWN. I go to her blog for recipe and makeup buying inspiration plus her photography is pretty damn good too.

Exploding Bakery in Exeter. This gorgeous café, located next to Exeter Central Station is the perfect place to stop for a cuppa. I had a flat white with their ‘udderless milk’ (which turned out to be Oatly) which was absolutely divine. The best coffee I’ve had in years. But guys, no lids when you take away? I know we like to see the coffee art and it’s less plastic but seriously I’m going to get coffee all down me as soon as I get outside.

Bare Mineral’s Original Foundation. I’ve had this on my makeup table for years. It’s always been the foundation I use when I’ve run out of liquid foundation. I don’t know why, maybe because it’s more of a hassle to get out, its packaging isn’t as fancy as my liquid ones. But it is no joke, the best foundation that I’ve ever used. Incredible. It lasts all day long, no under eye creasing and no coming off if I get a bit hot under the collar.

Trust Me. This BBC 1 show on at the moment starring Jodie Whittaker is so good. There’s only been one episode and I’m completely hooked.

Ann Patchett. I’m loving her book Commonwealth, I’m half way through and it is so so good. I’ve never read any of her other books but I want them all.

City Of Tiny Lights. I thought this movie was great, Riz Ahmed’s face is great….yeh I just watched it to stare at his face.


What have you guys been loving?