You Need To Blog

Blogging has changed my life in little ways. I think differently, have become more inquisitive and am wanting to travel and try new things more than ever before.

It can definitely be stressful if you let it be, you begin to ask yourself questions like how many blog posts should I do a week? Will it become successful? When does the free stuff arrive? How do I get my blog out there… I thought all of these thoughts when I started. I’ve found I’m actually just enjoying taking the photos, trying to come up with witty anecdotes and talking to fellow bloggers. Blogging has brought a new fun social hobby to my life and what’s better than that?


Having something that you can call your own is a great feeling. You don’t have to listen to anyone else, be in someone else’s palms, it’s all you and that’s a great thing! I can talk about whatever I want to talk about. I’m considering doing a post on supermarket humouses because you know what I can. It’s my blog and that’s that. It’s completely up to you and what you want to create and that’s an amazing feeling. So get your creative juices flowing and get it out there! I want to read it.

All the feels

Writing my blog is therapy for me. I get everything out of the my head and share it with other people. I like expressing myself through writing. I’ve found if I have a problem, idea or grudge I like to get it out. It’s fun to see how other people relate to it. Getting it out of my head and sharing is a nice release.

Get Chatty

I love talking to other bloggers. It’s fun to communicate with like minded people and talk about our shared interests. In this blogging world everyone seems to be so nice to one another and it’s really lovely to be a part of that. I love reading blogs and am always commenting on other posts because be supportive ya know?

Dream big

You never know what you’ll get from blogging. A happier more fulfilled life? Millions of followers? Free makeup?. Just keep going with it and love it and you never know! Just go for it. Don’t be put off when people say the blogging world is full to the brim, if someone likes what you’re writing they’ll come back for more. There’s room for everyone. What someone likes another may not, you may write about and someone’s going to want to read it!

Get out

Blogging makes you more inquisitive. I want to get out more to find new wonderful places to talk about. Places I normally couldn’t be arsed to go to now I think I’ll make the effort because I’ll enjoy writing about it.

If you’re considering blogging then definitely give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose. Forget about the industry being oversaturated. If you’re doing it for fun then you’re making yourself happy and that’s the best reward of all!