How Very Un Vegan Of Me

I’m Only Human…

It’s been over a year since I became Vegan. While I’m never (ever) turning back to my old diet, I want to be honest about how I found adjusting to this lifestyle. I ate meat, cheese, butter, milk for 24 years. I still have little flashbacks of the good times of eating cheesy pasta in my pants, scooping handfuls of giant (always giant) chocolate buttons into my mouth and fantasizing about going to a restaurant where I don’t have to explain my dietary requirements. In the countryside where I live veganism is pretty minimal but it’s getting there…just.


  • I still love the smell of meat, especially when it’s cooking. I’ll find myself bumbling by the stove as my boyfriend cooks chorizo or bacon. Sizzling animal flesh? Yeh I love that smell, bottle it up in a candle please.
  • I miss wool so much. Now I’m moving house, I’m seeing so many beautiful blush pink throws that would look so good laid on the back of a sofa. Will anyone notice if I buy one? No. But I will.
  • Sometimes I wonder why I have become vegan. I feel like a cog in a mammoth machine that isn’t helping in any way. Aside from the health factors of veganism, I don’t feel like I’m helping my planet. My efforts don’t seem to be reaping any rewards. Am I doing this for attention? Smugness? I’ve got to remind myself that one person can make a difference.
  • Nars. Baby why you go? I remember buying your Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc and thinking my skin doesn’t look like mine anymore. It’s got a glow to it that I’ve never seen! I hope it’s comfortable at the top because it may all come crashing down.
  • I miss the comfort of cheese. Not so much the taste if that makes sense. But my efforts of finding food that is a comforting a cheese on toast isn’t going well. I’ve only been doing this for a little over a year so give me time.
  • Erm excuse me plants why hasn’t my body turned into Margot Robbies? Where are my rock hard snag free incredible nails you promised?
  • Is it THAT bad if I buy just a little cheap Rimmel concealer? Just one Essie nail polish? No one cares, but the puppies might.

Do you get these kind of thoughts? I’d love to know!