Mid-Year Favourites

  Oh hey

Night Film. I saw this book as a recommendation on my Goodreads profile and the reviews were pretty amazing. I can’t stop reading it. It’s so gripping and just one of those books you end up reading into the early hours of the morning. Just one more chapter

Skin Goddess Clay Mask. I’ve been longing for this mask for the past year and a half. Firstly the packaging is beauuuutiful, so pink and pretty. I honestly think I’d buy a fur coat in summer if Charlotte Tilbury told me too. She’s the ultimate sales woman. This mask makes your skin so baby soft and beautiful. It’s the ultimate pep me up before you apply your makeup. From the packaging to the way the mask feels, you have the ultimate pamper session when you wear this.

Smokey Humous. I first spied this humous in Waitrose. I like to think of myself as a supermarket humous connoisseur. This baby made by Moorish is not to be missed. Pile this high on some pita bread and enjoy. I literally eat this about 3 times a week. So tasty.

Damn girl

Hannah Gale’s Blog. Girl I love you. I’ve definitely found my fave blog ever. You are so honest and funny. If you don’t read Hannah Gale’s blog then you should! You really should. It’s the perfect brew of hilarious anecdotes, life hacks and fashion faves. Go, go, go!

Amazon Prime. I don’t know why this is on the list other than the fantastic feeling I get when I order a book and know it’s going to be in my hands the next day. Literal magic.

Rude Health’s Hazlenut Milk. I have this everyday without fail. It’s comfort in a cup. I love this with coffee, it makes it deliciously creamy and moorish. I can’t get enough.

What The Health. If you’ve seen Forks over knives or Cowspiracy you will want to see this. It’s a complete game changer and free to watch if you have a Netflix! It may make you gasp in places but it will serve you well in the long run.

Franco Manca. So cheap, so tasty and incredibly vegan friendly. That doughy crust has me day dreaming all the time! My sister and I are pretty addicted. It’s pizza dreamland. One pizza with mushrooms, olives and capers plz.


What about you? Any faves to share?