Highs and Lows


My Stuffed Medjools. See the blog post here. These babes are so so delicious and are the most amazing snack.

 Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee Mask as an exfoliator. I don’t have an exfoliator, I can’t afford one at the moment so I saw this Lush mask in my bathroom and thought I’d give it a whirl. It works like an absolute dream! My skin has seriously changed since using this twice a week. It looks clearer and is so much softer than ever before!

This Guardian article was pretty funny on Brooklyn Beckham’s photography book debut.


Nars no longer being cruelty free. Fuck you.

Glossier. I’m fed up of hearing about how incredible Glossier is and not being able to get my hands on it because it’s not sold in the UK. Urgh.

The sun. Where you gone babe? Last Wednesday you were on top form. Come back pls.