Perfect Porridge

Porridge has never been a meal I have often. I know all the benefits of porridge, the energy it gives, how it fills you up until lunch but I’d much rather toast to be honest. I rarely crave it until yesterday. The weather was very very hot and yet all I could think about was a big old bowl of oats. I was playing around with some ideas and created my perfect porridge!

Butter me up

Obviously porridge is very easy to make so I’m not going to patronise you by telling you how to cook it but I will tell you how good Rude Health’s Hazelnut Butter porridge is with some of their hazelnut milk! Amazing. Whether you use that or normal oats it’s still going to taste perfect.

One of the best toppings for porridge has to be Deliciously Ella’s caramelised bananas. Basically you fry the bananas in maple syrup, cinnamon and coconut oil until they become really soft and squidgy. I add these to the top of my cooked porridge with some raspberries and almond butter and it’s pure heaven!

If you’re a lover of sweet things you will love this. It’s so satisfying, full of goodness and will leave your tummy happy for hours!