What’s In My Evening Bag?

For the evenings when I actually leave my bed

I rarely go ‘out out’ but when I do I like to take a few necessities to see me through the night. Whether it’s out for dinner, to a friends or for cocktails I don’t like to be weighed down with a heavy bag so the smaller the better.

My bag of choice is this Chanel Bag my mum bought me for my 15th birthday for £100! Yes it’s real. Hologram and everything. This old glam gran wanted to give away loads of her things at a market, and I suppose it was a right time right place type of thing.
I didn’t appreciate the price as much as I do now…100 quid for a vintage Chanel bag. Miracles do happen folks. It’s not in peak condition naturally, but I love it all the more for that.

I always bring lipliner and lipstick with me, they’re essential. I’m big on reapplying when I have time because they make me feel prettier and more put together. At the moment I’m all about Charlotte Tilbury’s Pink Venus with Nars’s Niagara.

Gum is a necessity. No one wants humous breath shoved in their face. I use Pur gum because it doesn’t contain aspartame.

I normally take out cash so I don’t spend over what I want to. I’ve learnt from my student days, waking up and going HOW MUCH at my bank balance.

My Mini Wet Brush key ring is very handy. Buh-bye humid hair. 

I like to have perfume in my bag. At the moment I’m wearing Escentric Molecule 01.

ID…I look about 15.


Concealer, for when my foundation starts to drip off during the night. My fave at the moment is Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer. It’s thick and amazing.

What are your bag musts?